jueves, 25 de abril de 2013

You Love Her Coz She's Dead [You Love Her Coz She's Dead] [2011]

1. Leap of Desire (I) 
2. Sunday Best 
3. Mud (Ft. Sucker Twin) 
4. Legacy 
5. Blinded 
6. This Is A Raid 
7. Put Out The Nails 
8. Leap Of Desire (II) 
9. Nowhere To Run To 
10. Softer Cell

Pais: Inglaterra
Integrantes: Jay 'Rocky' Dead - Producer/Synths/Vocals/Composer
                  Poppy Dead - Vocals
                  Maxi Dead (aka SUCKER TWIN) honorary member- Vocals

Genero: Electronic - 8-bit electronic


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